• Brief Summary About me Eric Veloso

    One question that I had to answer over a hundred times in the past three years is, "Why did you move to Brazil from the U.S, are you crazy?"


    People here in Brazil look at me as if I had three heads when I tell them I was born and raised in the U.S. but decided to move here at the end of 2014. But what they don't understand, is that everyone has their own motives. At the time I just wanted a different challenge, plus my family besides parents and brothers resides in the city Belo Horizonte, MG. So why not give a shot?


    Landed in BH, and as we all know 2015 was a horrible year for Brazil's economy so I ended up teaching English at language learning school for a semester and then got my first "real" job at a start-up, SambaAds.


    Today I live in São Paulo, SP and work at Predicta as an Account Executive for its product YContent. My responsibility within this position is to expand our ad network of Publishers and connect its online audience with rich video content that lies within our platform. Since attaining this position I was able to add 33 Publishers and a total of 360,616,342 page-views to our network. My goal is to continue to engage and provide Publishers with a video recommendation and monetisation strategy, and learn as much as possible about programmatic advertising.


    I am a laid back dude that enjoys having a good time with co-workers, friends, family. Love sports, die hard Eagles fan! Enjoy watching TV series, exercising, reading, eating good food, and traveling.


    At the office I believe is all about leading by example, teamwork, transparency and honesty are fundamental to an work environment. I love the underdog role, so expect to get a lot of motivation, persistency, humbleness, and an approachable demeanour out of me.

    To all the people that think I am crazy, I tell them I was fortunate enough to have a dual citizenship, speak three languages. Why not take advantage of the opportunity, experience new things and grow as a person and a professional.

  • Carve Your Own Career Path

    Predicta Group

    Key Account Executive (06/2017-present)

    São Paulo, SP - Brazil

    • Use a CRM tool (Pipedrive) to prospect and qualify Publishers in order to see if they have a video content strategy for their website.
    • Develop a pipeline of new publisher leads within strategic and target content verticals.
    • Schedule meetings with Publishers to understand their monetization and content needs
    • Prepare an audience engagement, retention, and monetization proposal to assist Publishers achieve their revenue goal with our players
    • Recruit, negotiate CPV and CPM inventory prices and connect with new Publisher relationships; to educate them on YContent Platform
    • Notable Publishers won
      1. Catraca Livre - 60 million page-views
      2. Climatempo - 40 million page-views
      3. Tribuna do Paraná - 10 million page-views
      4. Gazeta do Povo - 40 million page-views
      5. A Tribuna - 15 million page-views
      6. Editora Escala - 5 million page-views
      7. Editora Alto Astral – 46 million page-views
      8. Editora CARAS – 4.5 million page-views

    Samba Ads

    Inside Sales Jr. Position (06/2016-06/2017)

    Belo Horizonte, MG - Brazil

    • Contact various leads within the digital newspaper industry in order to understand their marketing and audience engagement strategies.
    • Develop an audience engagement and retention strategy to assist our partners reach their revenue objectives.
    • Analyse publishers' website and recommend suitable players within the potential client’s communication medium.
    • Apply a CRM tool, Pipe Drive, to forward our Leads through the consultant building process.

    Number One Language School (Brazil)

    English Teacher 02/2016-present

    Belo Horizonte, MG - Brazil

    • Prepare didactic materials such as grammar, conversation, listening, and reading exercises.
    • Produce content to different skill level and age group, while monitoring their personal and intellectual development.
    • Add value to class interactions by sharing my experience living in. the U.S.
    • Assemble course material utilizing multimedia medium.

    Enterprise Rent-A-Car

    Management Trainee Intern (06/2014-08/2014)

    Fairview, NJ - United States

    • Provided a high level of customer service to all customers by assessing their rental needs in person or by phone.
    • Applied the appropriate rental charges and handled all forms of customers payment.
    • Understood and communicated all of the optional protection products, rental terms and conditions, and vehicle features and benefits to the customers.
    • Inspected all vehicles for any problems and addressed those issues.


    First Looks Advertising 

    Advertising and Marketing Communication Intern (09/2013-12/2013)

    Plainfield, NJ - United States

    • Assisted on the cultivation of an original concept and execution of a bridal campaign for a wedding venue (The Bethwood) that was published on the "The Knot NJ" and "NJ Bride".
    • Collaborated on market research projects and on the creation of copywriting.
    • Participated on Search Engine Optimisation keyword search through Google Analytics for client's website.
    • Contributed on brainstorming and product development meetings.
  • Exploring New Horizons

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  • TrueView in DoubleClick Bid Manager Basics

    Google's Academy for Ads

    DFP Level 1 Exam

    Google's Publisher University

    DFP Video Exam

    Google's Publisher University

    Inbound Marketing

    HubSpot Academy

    This twelve training course certification shares the wealth behind the inbound methodology. Sharing strategies on how to attract strangers, convert visitors, close leads, and delight your customers.

    Social Media Marketing

    Hootsuite Academy

    This six training course certification educates on how to operate a strategy, conduct a business, and optimise your presence on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.

    Content Marketing

    Rock Content

    This certification is awarded for possessing the knowledge behind the creation, execution, and mensuration of a content marketing strategies through blogs, social media, newsletter, e-book, webinars, white-papers and all other forms of publishing content..  

    Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Knowledge

    Rutgers Business School

    This exam was offered to those who registered and completed the RBS Lean Six Sigma course in order to certify his or her knowledge of the Lean Six Sigma theories and applications.

    Conference Atendee

    Resultados Digitais 

    Attended Resultados Digitais's Digital/Content Marketing Conference. It was a whole day conference where various business leaders passed on knowledge about content marketing, inbound marketing, SEO, leads, smarketing, digital marketing and sales.

  • Extracurricular Activities

    Marketing & Management Society 

    Vice President

    During my Junior and Senior year at the Rutgers Business School my initiatives and leadership within the club led to my Vice President election of the Marketing & Management Society.

    Cliffside Park, NJ Recreation

    Voluntary Soccer Coach 

    In the Fall of 2014 I volunteered to be the head coach of my seven years old brother's recreational soccer team. Successfully the team reached the Finals by having an undefeated season.